Buying our coal at wholesale prices is only possible after submitting an inquiry or filling in the form along with the attached scan of the registration documents of the company sending the inquiry.

The bagged coal offered by us is placed in high quality foil packs with micro perforations. They are durable, do not break in the frost, and their double seam in the bottom part and welded or seamed upper part additionally protect against tearing.

The overprint on the packaging is protected against UV radiation, so it does not fade. At the request of our business partners we pack the goods in the packaging or bags without the logo of our company.

In addition to eco-pea coal we also offer the Polish high-energy coal types: walnut I and II, cube, peas and Culm. Our fuel is available in packs, bulk or bigbags.

We prefer payments by bank transfer to the company’s bank account. We allow for prepayment of deferred payment based on the relevant invoice. 

paleta wegla kgm