Since we care about our customers' satisfaction, we try to implement their orders as soon as possible. Thanks to the constant contact between the driver, the logistics department and the cargo recipient, we are able to watch over time and inform the customer in case of any delay.

Our logistics department is constantly serviced by dozens of trucks of different carriers. The orders processing in cooperation with reputable shipping companies and transport companies is a guarantee of service quality and competitive prices. The ordered eco-pea coal is packed in the right way to ensure the cargo stability during transport.

We also allow our customers to receive the fuel using their own means of transport. The deal is set for a specific date, so the eco-pea coal can be purchased immediately - without any prior notice and long waiting for loading.

Our offer also includes delivery of the eco-pea coal by courier. The pallet delivery with a truck equipped with lifts and pallet trucks,  as well as the carrier's prior telephone contact with the recipient  and the possibility of payment to the driver makes it a very convenient solution. After shipping, we send to the customer an email link for tracking and locating the goods.

Regional corporate transport (1-8t) covers Silesia, Małopolskie, Świętokrzyskie, Łódź and Opole. Our vans are equipped with easy-to-lift lifts and pallet trucks, and the recipient can make payments to the driver.

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